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Book Club: Viermal perfekte Strandlektüre

Book Club: Four times the perfect beach read

“Panic rushes through me like a freezing wind. I don't know where I am or how I got here, but I remember who I am. My name is Amber Reynolds. I am thirty five years old. I am married to Paul. I repeat these three things in my head, clutching at them as if they could save me, but I realize that part of the story is missing, the last few pages have been torn out.” (Excerpt from Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney , Rowohlt)

Finally vacation, finally time to read. And neither e-mails nor textbooks for the job, but stories that inspire our imagination, let us look at life differently - or not let go until late at night. Preload. Like Alice Feeney's psychological thriller “ Sometimes I Lie ”, whose heroine Amber is in a coma, but whose brain is still trying to figure out how it happened. Who can she trust: her husband, her sister, herself - or nobody? A real page-turner that banishes boredom on long-haul flights as well as sunbathing by the pool.

In her highly acclaimed novel " A Love, in Thought ", Kristine Bilkau describes the relationship and separation of Antonia and Edgar in the 1960s. A job in China shatters the dreamlike togetherness that both protagonists will never forget. After Antonia's death, her daughter searches for clues in the past. She wants to find out more about Edgar and whether her mother made the right decision. Against a love from afar and for a life according to your own rules.

Venice Beach has been one of the hotspots for tourists, bodybuilders and bohemians for decades. However, the photographer Dotan Saguy gains amazing facets from the Californian coast, sometimes strange, sometimes intimate, always compassionate and worth seeing. " Venice Beach - The Last Days of a Bohemian Paradise " is therefore not just a coffee-table volume but a visually stunning homage to an almost mystical place that may not exist forever in such a free and hedonistic way.

The friends Martha and Betty go on a very special journey to the south - from Switzerland to Greece - in Lucy Fricke's book " Daughters ". And not just because a terminally ill father is sitting in the back seat. Humor and honesty are the most important narrative stylistic devices, and at the same time the weapons with which the two women confront the dramatic aspects of life. A story about farewells, abysses and irrepressible joie de vivre!

Lead : @linkhoang/Unsplash
Cover: Rowohlt, Luchterhand, Kehrer Verlag