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Article: 25 years of pure cashmere: ALLUDE's anniversary collection

25 Jahre purer Cashmere: ALLUDE’s Jubiläums-Kollektion

25 years of pure cashmere: ALLUDE's anniversary collection

It was love at first touch ! This is how Andrea Karg once described her first contact with velvety soft cashmere. It is truly as cuddly, soft and protective as no other textile material. Fascinated by the luxurious material, the ALLUDE founder presented her debut collection 25 years ago, which was to revolutionize cashmere fashion - with modern, unprecedented cuts and a magnificent variety of colors. ALLUDE has been delighting us every season for 25 years with breathtaking must-haves , timeless classics, sophisticated details and the highest cashmere qualities. A quarter of a century of pure cashmere - of course, that has to be celebrated!


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For the anniversary, Andrea Karg and her team have exclusively created 25 statement sweaters to honor all the precious experiences and values ​​that make ALLUDE so unique. The motto sweaters in eye-catching colors each represent an indispensable element of the ALLUDE success story. They combine, so to speak, the elements of woolly science. "PASSION", for example, is the first element - because it all started with Andrea Karg's passion and love for the fluffy luxury material and the intimate liaison with the precious raw material lasts to this day. "The LOVE of luxury" describes the long and complex manufacturing process of cashmere and thus its discreet expression of luxury. And "RESPONSIBILITY" stands for responsibility and sustainability, which ALLUDE continues to promote, not least through the opening of the Cashmere Clinic . The elements summarize the core of ALLUDE, look back on 25 years of cashmere history and at the same time give a promising outlook on a cuddly soft future.

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The anniversary sweaters come in a casual , oversized cut with a round neckline and in 25 wow colors such as "Topaz" green, "Mermaid" blue and "Pastis" yellow.

The limited collection is exclusively available in the ALLUDE online shop .