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Article: Cool Ice, Baby: The trend flavors of the summer

Cool Ice, Baby: Die Trend-Sorten des Sommers

Cool Ice, Baby: The trend flavors of the summer

Without a doubt: Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry are classics that will never go out of fashion for ice cream. But as it is with classics: Sometimes you just want something new in the bag. Or in a cup. Fortunately, there has been a veritable explosion of new varieties in recent years: matcha, basil-cucumber or avocado are healthy, challenge the sense of taste and are great on Instagram thanks to their cheerful green colour. Also new in the color palette: black ice. Cleansing activated charcoal, known from creams and face masks, gives creations such as "Black Vanilla" or "Black Mamba" a dark glam factor. The ice cream temple Little Damage already offers black soft ice cream in Los Angeles.

It's not just the varieties that are getting really fresh this summer, the serving forms are also moving rapidly beyond waffles or mugs. The best known is the so-called Rolled Ice Cream, an idea from Thailand. The ice cream, which is still liquid, is poured onto a frozen metal plate and shock-frozen in a wafer-thin layer. Scraped off with a spatula, small rolls result, which then come together in a decorative rosette shape in the cup and are refined into works of art with various toppings .

Do you remember the croughnuts , a quirky trend mix of croissant and doughnut? If not, no problem, because the greasy dough ring is already undergoing the next metamorphosis, because LA bakery B Sweet has recently started filling their donuts with ice cream. The ice cream at the Sweet Rolled Tacos is also wrapped in batter: delicious rolled ice cream is hidden in colorful sweet "tortillas" along with extras such as marshmallows, Oreo cookies or candy canes - a dream for everyone who has a sweet tooth . The Mos Eisley in Berlin has a heart for nutrition-conscious (more) sweet tooth and converts the entire ice cream range to vegan delicacies. Yummy !