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Andrea Karg über … Teamwork

Andrea Karg on … teamwork

“If there is one important rule for founders, it is this: Without employees – and the right ones at that – nothing works. Therefore, every leader should take her seriously and appreciate her valuable input. Yes, we are a fashion business that strives to achieve the best possible bottom line with the best products we can design and manufacture. But I never forget that my colleagues also have a life outside of the company, families and friends.

Of course, fashion is never a nine-to-five job, sometimes a Saturday comes along, and some night shifts are worked shortly before a fashion show. But I also cook for the whole team on an extra day and we eat together. When I ask employees about the subject, the term 'respect' comes up very quickly, followed closely by 'feeling good'. It doesn't matter whether the person in question has been with us for a long time or just joined us recently. For me, that is always a great confirmation of the company culture that we cultivate at Allude.”