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Andrea Karg über … Moderummel und Ruhepole

Andrea Karg on … fashion hype and havens of peace

“For decades, the fashion world has had the reputation of being a colorful vanity fair. Stand out at any price, just don't miss a chance to win Warhol's 15 Minutes of Fame . Sure, if you make fashion, you have to ensure the necessary attention, sometimes you have to fight. But I don't think you should take this media machine too seriously. Instead of dealing with dazzling reality stars, I much prefer to deal with creative doers and daring artists like Olafur Eliasson or Thomas Ruff .

I also like to read philosophical books . Because all these works and thoughts influence my own work and always shape a small facet of my life. This calm antithesis to the undoubtedly wonderful, breathless world of fashion is extremely important to me. And, I am quite sure, this conscious balance of lightness and depth enriches the Allude collections.”