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Article: Playlist: To Have You Back by Tourist

Playlist: To Have You Back von Tourist

Playlist: To Have You Back by Tourist

Colors alone are enough for Davy Evans and Jason Drew, both renowned art directors, to bring Tourist (aka William Phillips)'s track “To Have You Back” to multimedia life. Black and white symbolize the passages of the song that deal with the end of a love relationship, while the neon colors towards the end stand for the new beginning of the couple. The bass-heavy, hypnotic melody is interspersed with meaningful pauses, like a conversation where two people are trying to find the right words.

The accompanying video is a creative triumph. One would like to hang it on the wall on an HD screen and in an endless loop. The colors flow into each other like in a kaleidoscope, become objects, dissolve them again, and change from black and white, austere sadness to fireworks in all the nuances of the rainbow. William Phillips began writing his first songs at the age of ten. His debut "Tourist" (2012) was released at the age of 25 and was praised for its danceability and sophisticated, emotional sound in equal measure. The electronic magician and producer broke through with the track "Stay With Me" for Grammy winner Sam Smith , which Phillips co-wrote. More about Tourist on Instagram .