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Prämierte Pflege: Designpreis für die Cashmere Clinic

Award-winning care: Design award for the Cashmere Clinic

T he events in the world of Allude are happening again! First of all, preparations are in full swing for Der Berliner Mode Salon, an event that we have strongly supported since its debut. You can be curious about how we will present our modern cashmere couture there this time. If you can't wait, you can find the past seasons in words and pictures here ( autumn/winter 2015/2016 , spring/summer 2016 and autumn/winter 2016/2017 ).

And then we all keep our fingers crossed for Andrea Karg and her co-author Berit Großwendt, because our book "Cashmere" , the first standard work on this exciting topic, has been nominated for a Best Content Marketing Award. More on that soon here in the magazine.

Finally, our Cashmere Clinic was also honored, with a concept that is unique in the world and enjoys great popularity at home and abroad. The sophisticated furnishings, developed by Allude with Kirsten Scholz from Scholz Architecture & Interior, received a German Design Award for pioneering shop design in February. And if you read the description of the Cashmere Clinic by the award organizers, you can guess why:

“The central element of the shop architecture is the counter made of walnut wood and placed in the middle of the room. Extendable light tables make it possible to examine the textiles in front of the customers and to identify any runs that may be present. Behind a door with a prominent porthole is a washroom. The raw material cashmere is presented in a visually appealing way in all its variety of colors on several spools of thread on the wall behind the counter. A formally strict shop concept reduced to the essentials, which underlines the exclusivity of the material.”

Founder Andrea Karg took the opportunity to describe her goal of 360-degree cashmere: “As Creative Director, my mission is not just to design extraordinary cashmere creations every season. It is at least as important to offer our customers an optimal customer journey - from the first touch of the material to far beyond the purchase. Our aim, no more and no less, is to enable the customer to experience all facets of Allude. That is why we are all very happy about this award.”

We have nothing to add to that, except that we are really very proud of this award in the category "Excellent Communications Design - Retail Architecture" and are delighted that the Cashmere Clinic was so well received. Have you already visited us? Find out more about this unique Allude service here .