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Easy Caring: 11 Tipps für die perfekte Cashmere-Pflege

Easy caring: 11 tips for perfect cashmere care

Tender , cuddly and noble. Hardly any other natural fiber is more fascinating and popular than cashmere. Anyone who has touched or worn cashmere just once falls for it immediately and remains loyal forever. Label founder and creative director Andrea Karg reveals a few basic care tips so that cashmere stays so cuddly and beautiful long after you buy it. First of all: It's best to ban fabric softener from your laundry room right away.

Easy caring: 11 tips for perfect cashmere care

1. Do cashmere products require special care?
Yes, cashmere is a very soft material that requires very special care. The good thing about it: caring for cashmere is easy for everyone to do at home.

2. How often should I wash my cashmere sweater?
That depends on how often and how long you wear your sweater. My rule of thumb: Cashmere belongs in the laundry after wearing it four times at the latest. Because good cashmere gets better with every wash. Only gradually does this wonderful fluff form on the surface, which makes a cashmere sweater so wonderfully soft and cuddly.

Easy caring: 11 tips for perfect cashmere care

3. What about fabric softener?
Fabric softener is unsuitable for cashmere! The ingredients smooth out the surface structures and the clothing becomes baggy. If you want to do something good for your cashmere item, then use a commercially available hair treatment or our conditioner Allude Condition . It is added to the wash cycle after every tenth wash. This extra portion of care makes the sweater cuddly soft again.

By the way: A sweater that feels particularly soft does not necessarily have to be of high quality. If it is easy to grip, i.e. not too fluffy, you can assume that it has been processed gently. It usually keeps its wonderful quality for many years.

4. Does cashmere belong in dry cleaning?
No way! Dry cleaning is only allowed in exceptional cases, for example if the cashmere item is extremely finely knitted, elaborately embroidered or woven.

5. Can you put cashmere in the dryer?
I wouldn't. The fine scales of the wool hair get caught and stick together. The cashmere fabric shrinks and becomes matted.

Easy caring: 11 tips for perfect cashmere care

6. What is the best way to dry cashmere sweaters?
lying. On a drying rack with a dry, absorbent towel as a base. Instead of pulling it in length or width, rather shake up the garment briefly and let it dry loosely in a slightly compressed form. Put the sleeves up and press the cuffs slightly so that the elasticity is retained.

7. What can I do if cashmere knitwear is no longer cozy?
Dampen your garment, place it in a freezer bag, and then place it in your refrigerator's freezer for an hour or two. Then dry flat. Smooth knits can be carefully steamed with a steam iron. Here, however, the iron does not touch the fabric, but is guided over it with sufficient distance. This process causes the hairs to stand up and the wool feels cuddly soft again.

Easy caring: 11 tips for perfect cashmere care

8. How do I prevent pilling?
Not at all! So-called pilling is completely natural and is caused by wearing - mostly in particularly stressed areas such as elbows or cuffs. It has nothing to do with the quality of a product. The cause: Fine residual yarn hairs come loose, rub against each other and form small balls.

A consistent treatment with a special cashmere comb promises a remedy. Loosen the loose hairs with this, wear the sweater and then wash it. Repeat the process two or three times and the annoying pilling should stop and your favorite jumper will look like new again. I would advise against cashmere razors. There is a very high risk of tearing holes in the mesh.

9. How do stains come out?
Absolute don'ts: soak or brush out. The wool becomes matted. Better: Allude Cashmere Shampoo on the stain and off to the wash! You should note that the water is not hot. because the dirt can get stuck in the material under certain circumstances.

Easy caring: 11 tips for perfect cashmere care

10. What is the best way to store cashmere?
Lying in the closet or chest, where it should be dark, cool and dry if possible. At the end of the season, clean all clothes and keep them as spacious as possible with plenty of closet space. Avoid piles that are too high and pressed tightly together, where sweaters etc. are crushed. Better: stack all sweaters and only then fold them in, this prevents wrinkles. To be on the safe side, it is best to stack them by weight: the heavy parts on the bottom, the light ones on top.

11. How can I protect cashmere from clothes moths?
What we love so much is also preferred by moths. Human body odors, dander and hair in cashmere products attract these pests. Therefore, worn, unwashed clothing should not be stored in the closet for a long period of time. It is best to wrap cleaned items in linen towels or cloth bags. Hang up a scented bag with lavender, thyme, cedar wood or sage to keep the annoying moths away.

Rearrange your wardrobe at least twice a season to prevent clothes moths from becoming permanent residents. Ventilate vigorously once a week. If it's too late and you notice small, irregular holes, only a thorough cleaning of the closet and all the clothes that were in it will help. Because cold kills the voracious larvae, it can make sense to shake out the infested things and store them in a bag in the freezer for a week.

Easy caring: 11 tips for perfect cashmere care

Should the damage to your favorite cashmere product be greater, we recommend a visit to a specialist. At Allude's in-house cashmere clinic, experts take care of the professional preparation and well-being of your treasures. Whether small holes, unsightly pilling nodules or just a refresher with a special shampoo and conditioner: the Cashmere Clinic offers the right solution for every problem.

A detailed chapter with further recommendations for everyday care can also be found in the Allude Cashmere book . A must for all cashmere lovers.