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Book Club: The Sweater – A History

Book Club: The Sweater-A History

Autumn storms, heavy rain, morning fog? No reason to be sad. At least we can now wrap ourselves in cuddly soft coats, ponchos and cardigans again. Made of cashmere, of course. Above all, the one absolute favorite sweater should not be missing. Artfully made from fine wool, it accompanies you everywhere - and with good care, for a lifetime. The recently published book " The Sweater: A History ", a 200-page homage by the author trio Keren Ben-Horin, Gail DeMeyere and Jane Merrill, illustrates how indispensable, versatile and popular the knitted classic is.

In addition to numerous photos, the volume contains the extensive history of this garment, whose heritage dates back at least 400 years. But probably longer. For example, the painting "Buxtehuder Altar", created by the artist Meister Bertram von Minden in the 14th century, shows a first prototype that resembles today's designs. Of course, Norwegian sweaters, argyle patterns and many other variations are also represented. Incidentally, women used to knit a hair between the stitches of the sweaters for their sailors as a good luck charm. What exactly it was all about is also in this fashion book. And if you want to learn much, much more about the history of wool after reading it - especially that made of cashmere - we warmly recommend our coffee table book about this rare, anecdotal material. It's right here in the shop !

Incidentally, the interview with Keren Ben-Horin, co-author of "The Sweater: A History" on Soundcloud also provides exciting insights. In combination with your favorite sweater and a hot cup of tea, you can not only sweeten every gray autumn day but also the waiting time for the book. If you are still missing the perfect companion for the cooler days or if your favorite is a little damaged - we are there for you in the online shop and at our unique Allude Cashmere Clinic !