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Allude Around the World: Interview mit Christian Villwock von Anita Hass

Allude Around the World: Interview with Christian Villwock by Anita Hass

Those who come to Hamburg are first drawn to the Alster, the Neuer Wall and of course the Elbphilharmonie. Is correct. But immediately afterwards, fashionistas from all over the world frolic in Eppendorf, more precisely at Anita Hass . Since the 1970s, fashion-loving women looking for special pieces have found what they are looking for in this stylish boutique on Eppendorfer Landstraße.

In addition to blouses, dresses and coats from Paris, Milan and New York, the portfolio also includes the highly coveted Allude knitwear designs. After all, you can never have enough cozy sweaters and cashmere dresses in the far north. Owner Christian Villwock answered many curious questions for our online magazine - about trendy styles, his jacket fetish and happiness.

How would you describe your typical customer?
Charismatic, timeless, modern and cosmopolitan.

The best part about being a boutique owner?
I need to be flexible and spontaneous, both as a businessman and as a creative curator of what we offer. Deciding what the company needs to stay relevant is a constant challenge. And I can be inventive every day.

The first thing they do in the morning?
Drink coffee (more than one!) and read the newspaper!

The most exciting fashion trends at the moment?
The combination of streetwear and luxury fashion. It's cool again to make an effort to be stylish instead of just looking casual. A good mix of easy and elegant creates great styles.

How would you describe your own look?
"Street meets Saint Laurent".

You only have five minutes to get ready. What do you choose?
Black denim, a black shirt and black boots

How did you find out about Allude?
My good friend Lara worked in the Allude showroom. When I visited her there, I immediately looked at the collection and discovered hatred for Anita.

What do you particularly appreciate about Allude's designs?
Knitwear is a very specific category. Everyone needs great sweaters and other pieces, but wants to look different in them every season. The modern, unusual basics from Allude fit perfectly, especially because of the unbelievable quality. It doesn't matter whether someone is younger or older, fashionably daring or has a very classic taste.

Your definition of happiness?
family, nature, sun. In this order.

A piece of clothing you can't live without?
I love outerwear, so jackets and coats, parkas and vests... Most of my wardrobe is pretty stylish, but nothing quite like my jackets. I love discovering a new key piece for myself every season. Jackets are just my thing!

The funniest experience in your career so far?
I'm surrounded by people all the time, so fun things happen pretty much every day. I can't even name a specific situation, but I can tell you one thing: I often shed tears at work.

Online or offline: how do you prefer to shop?
Unfortunately 98 percent online because there are simply not enough suitable shops for me in Hamburg. Still, shopping locally feels better, it's a whole different energy.

A place in Germany that you love or really want to visit?
The Ferchensee , which is near Mittenwald in Upper Bavaria.