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Art. Dept.: Die fantastischen Geschöpfe der Anke Eilergerhard

Art. Dept.: The fantastic creatures of Anke Eilergerhard

meringue ? Stacked porcelain with lace doilies? Cake with icing on the cake – or something completely different? In the case of the sculptures by the artist Anke Eilergerhard, the eye of the beholder does not really know at first glance which interpretation to choose. But one thing is for sure: you will immediately have a big appetite – for more!

In other words: If Queen Marie Antoinette could travel to the year 2017, she would certainly have a ballroom full of confectioner sculptures by Anke Eilergerhard carted to Versailles in addition to chests full of jewelry by Harry Winston or Cartier. In fact, why didn't the artist's work make it onto the set of Sofia Coppola's colorful extravaganza starring Kirsten Dunst? The perfect fit , we think.

Since 2004, the Berliner has been concentrating on the three-dimensional form of the cream topping and has practically perfected it over the years. And the recipe for the silicone remains Eilergerhard's closely guarded secret. Meticulously piled up, the strikingly colorful and often gravity-defying sculptures move between the most lavish baroque and satirizing post-modernism. This is particularly evident in the “Annas” series, for which Anke Eilergerhard combined colored silicone with wonderfully kitschy flower porcelain from Karlsbad. No wonder that her oeuvre is a real crowd puller at international art fairs and in many museums. Even the Mona Lisa peered enviously at her.

By the way, if you remain attentive while window shopping through Rome, New York or Tokyo, you can spot one of her sculptures live as a decorative object from an Italian fashion brand.

Photos: Holger-Biermann/Gallery Tammen & Partner