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Article: The Gift of Giving: The Allude Xmas Guide for Kids

The Gift of Giving: Der Allude Xmas Guide für Kids

The Gift of Giving: The Allude Xmas Guide for Kids

The kids and teens of today already have everything, you hear this sentence quite often during the Advent season. True or not, gifting kids and teens has definitely been easier for parents and grandparents before. However, nobody has to go without sparkling eyes when unpacking under the fir tree, thanks to this Gift Guide for Kids, which our Allude Xmas Crew has put together. The selection ranges from cool to cuddly soft. I wish you success!

Knitted dress for girls from Allude
Even die-hard suspenders will love the simple dress made of navy-colored cashmere. With its loose cut and practical pockets, it is as comfortable and casual as your favorite sweater. We don't even need to start with the high cuddle factor.

Matrioshca Animals by Smallable
Fidget spinners? No thank you. As a patience and relaxation game, we definitely prefer the pretty little wooden animals. The sight of her big saucer eyes quickly creates calm and an enchanted "Ooooohhhh, how sweet". Lined up in the children's room, the team bravely watches over the little ones' bed.

"The Tiger in the Garden" by Lizzy Stewart
There is no such thing as Santa Claus and the Christ Child. And tigers in the home garden? Certainly not them! At least the little protagonist of Lizzy Stewart's book is convinced of that. After all, the striped big cats live in the jungle. Nevertheless, Paula's grandmother is convinced that she saw a tiger scurrying by. Is she right? A beautifully illustrated story about the power of imagination.

Toy box from Bloomingville
A building block here, (M)a little pony there and if the parents aren't careful at night, a Lego brick will dig into their heels... Children's rooms often resemble veritable minefields, and woe betide Mum clears everything away in a hurried action, exasperated. The solution might lie in this beautiful toy box from BLoomingville (as seen at, whose Scandinavian design transforms any chaos into visual tranquility - and you can still fit a lot of great things in it. It is best to turn the clean-up in the evening into a parent-child event, the original sayings on the box are a good motivation for this.

Skateboard by Penny in citrus orange
Hoverboards are considered to be the absolute must-have on the (play) streets. However, this skateboard from the Australian brand Penny should cause a lot more attention. On the orange racer, the little ones are guaranteed to easily pull past the flashing tech boards. Of course not without demonstrating one or the other trick.

Cardigan for boys from Allude
It has to be classic. Just no frills. Above all cool! Quite a lot of demands that are placed on fashion today. How good that this casual sweater made of merino and cashmere wool by Allude can easily keep up thanks to decorative stripes and a large portion of well-being.

My T-Rex Puzzle by Londji
The colorful dinosaur puzzle by Argentinian artist Mariana Ruiz Johnson is so loving and detailed that when you look at the individual parts you forget to put them together. Incidentally, the puzzle is made of environmentally friendly recycled cardboard and can be hung up as a picture in just a few simple steps.

Floral notebook by Rifle Paper
Tired of standard stationery, graphic designer Anna Bond and her husband Nathan took matters into their own hands. Rifle Paper Co. started as a couple project in 2009, but the brand's products, such as this florally decorated notebook, are now inspiring creative people all over the world. Refined extra: the small pocket on the back.