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Article: Artful: Allude at the Munich Press Days Spring/Summer 2018

Kunstvoll: Allude bei den Munich Press Days Spring/Summer 2018

Artful: Allude at the Munich Press Days Spring/Summer 2018

The Haus der Kunst in Munich usually attracts with exhibitions of the highest quality, such as the current exhibition of the American sculptor and installation artist Sarah Sze. But art has many faces and the world of fashion is just as full of creativity, courage and joy in becoming experiments. A number of luxury brands, including, of course, Allude, came up with proof of this in the famous building during the Munich Press Days.

The “Spirio” grand piano from Steinway & Sons, which played itself as if by magic, provided musical accompaniment between champagne and the flying buffet. A press day, literally "artful" in the literal sense, which makes you want more fashion and skilfully kept the autumn blues at the door of the Haus der Kunst.

Photos (Event): Phil Pham

Instead of in often sterile showrooms, the designs of spring and summer 2018 lured in an impressive ambience, and pieces of Sze's installation "Centrifuge" stood and hung just a few steps away. In the west wing, meanwhile, 174 fashion editors, stylists, photographers and influencers twirled through the new fashion and were enthusiastic about the fresh colors and ideas of the Allude Collection S/S 2018. Cheerful sweaters, colorful ponchos, casual trousers and parts of the recently launched cashmere looks for girls and boys .