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The Gift of Giving: The Allude Xmas Guide für Gentlemen

The Gift of Giving: The Allude Xmas Guide for Gentlemen

Lousy socks and the tenth perfume? You really don't need that. But alternatives to the standard presents are easier said than found... As every year, we have some stylish, striking ideas for men . Here we go!

Original Man by Patrick Grant
Whether Elvis, Andy Warhol, Freddy Mercury or Federico Fellini - even decades after their death, the radiance of these legends remains bright. But what actually makes these men so special? The British men's tailor Patrick Grant has taken a closer look at the style and life of many fascinating personalities for this illustrated book.

B luetooth gramophone by Gramovox
Do you have an audiophile partner? One who listens to boxes at professional dealers, collects vinyl and always chooses the gold-plated connection cables? Then simply surprise him with this walnut gramophone in an elegant retro look. Best of all: Nobody has to turn any cranks with a squeak, because their favorite songs come into the curved funnel via Bluetooth.

Allude bomber jacket
Anyone who is dependent on a suit, shirt and maybe even a tie at work longs for an equally grown-up but much more relaxed wardrobe option after work and at the weekend. Like this deluxe version of a "bomber jacket" from Allude. The dark gray model is made from a cashmere/merino mix and lends a charming nonchalance to even the most serious business outfit.

Vello Urbano Bike

Folding bikes are the perfect means of transport for urban city dwellers. Big enough to cycle from A to B - and quickly stowed away when it rains and a car-2-go beckons at the curb. Unfortunately, these multi-talents rarely turned out to be incredibly attractive. The Viennese label Vello now combines the practical advantages in its "Urbano Bike". The style factor? Full 100 points!

Domino game by Ridley's
With ever faster mobile phone games, sophisticated video games and gadgets such as virtual reality glasses, passionate after-work gamers can immerse themselves in sophisticated worlds at the push of a button. If you are drawn back to the playful roots, you could invest in this domino game from the British brand Ridley's, which combines nostalgic flair with cheerful modernity thanks to its cool graphics and trendy design.

Allude polo shirt
In winter, a non-iron business shirt can quickly feel cold and uncomfortable on the skin, even under a jacket it quickly gets chilly when there is a draft. Men do it better with our polo pullover made of cashmere, which warms without disturbing the smart appearance.

Ranger Wood 55 by Victorinox
Alexa, Siri and Google Home answer tricky questions or happily order online, the refrigerator knows exactly when the milk is gone and in the future we might lock the house with an implanted chip. None of this is science fiction, but reality that has long been purchasable. So it's good to occasionally equip yourself with tools and helpers that don't need electricity or voice commands. Like this angular pocket knife from Victorinox, which is equipped with a small wood saw, screwdriver and can opener, among other things.

Car fragrance by Diptyque
How great it would be if your own favorite scent preceded you, so to speak. In the car, for example, before you get in the morning. A silent wish that the French fragrance house Dyptique is only too happy to fulfill and recently added a noble air freshener to its range that makes every miracle tree look old. The intensity of the notes can be controlled via a gold slider.