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The Gift of Giving: Der Allude Xmas Guide für Ladys

The Gift of Giving: The Allude Xmas Guide for Ladies

Wasn't it still summer yesterday? A question that quickly becomes superfluous when you see the speculoos, chocolate Santas and mulled wine these days. No, it's that time again. Jingle Bells and Last Christmas and stuff like that. Our recommendation: do not mourn the last rays of sunshine, but celebrate the cold season with an extensive shopping trip. Our tips for girls 'n' ladies can be found here. #scroll down

Photo book “Claudia Schiffer”
Around 30 years ago, the German supermodel took her first steps in the fashion world. In 1987, 18-year-old Claudia was still dancing in a Düsseldorf disco, shortly afterwards she conquered the catwalks from Paris to New York as “the new Bardot”. An illustrated book by Prestel now looks back on the skipper's impressive career with numerous photographs by Herb Ritts, Patrick Demarchelier and Richard Avedon.

Ink "Momiji" by Iroshizuku
Like the ubiquitous smartphone, email is both a blessing and a curse. Handwritten is much more aesthetic and pleasing to the eye! Before Christmas greetings and New Year's invitations are sent electronically again, it's better to grab some pretty stationery and one of the bright inks from the Japanese label Iroshizuku. An experience for all senses.

Turtleneck in camel from Allude
Even if fashion allows just about every color, every pattern and every imaginable cut, it is worth focusing on timelessly elegant pieces with a twist when it comes to your wardrobe. Like this cozy turtleneck jumper made from camel-colored cashmere. It goes well with unusual as well as minimalist looks.

Cartier Juste and Clou ring
“Ceci n'est pas un clou!” the legendary René Magritte would probably exclaim at the sight of this gem. This golden ring in the shape of a curved nail may not have come from the pen of the French artist, but who knows, perhaps the creative jewelery designers and goldsmiths at Maison Cartier were inspired a little by Magritte's work.

Glow Drops by Barbara Sturm
At the latest when the temperatures slowly approach the 0 degree mark, the last glimmer of the sun-kissed summer glow says goodbye. However, our winter doesn't have to be a time of sallow skin, thanks to the "Glow Drops" by the well-known dermatologist Barbara Sturm, which ensure a fresh, glowing complexion with extracts of snake knotweed.

Trapezium lounge chair by Eichholtz
Would you like nostalgia? Please take a seat! This pretty lounge chair by Eichholtz brings back many memories at first glance. The shape of countless shells that we could never collect enough of on the beach as children. Or the sticky, colorful licking mussel with its delicious sugar filling. Oh yes, by the way, you can also sit comfortably in it!

Joggers from Allude
Sweatpants have long since left their home, the couch, and have conquered the city and even some offices - cleverly combined. As an elegant version made of cashmere and with sporty racer stripes, like those from Allude, it gives every outfit a well-dosed, casual touch. Also ideal for the holidays, if you want to enjoy the festive meals and drinks in a chic but comfortable way.

Native Union charging cable
We usually hide our everyday cable clutter in the last corner, in cable ducts or in the jacket pocket. Only the "Native Union" brand charging cords are so suitable for daylight that we make an exception. And since form is sometimes followed by a function, the decorative little ball of yarn ensures that the “strings” stay in place. Bye, bye, cable clutter.