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Article: Andrea Karg about … colors on cashmere

Andrea Karg über … Farben auf Cashmere

Andrea Karg about … colors on cashmere

I ntensive blue, bright orange, cool green, delicate nude, cozy camel brown... The world of Allude knows all the colors of the rainbow. Creative Director Andrea Karg succeeds in designing elegant, always surprising looks in all sorts of trendy colors every season.

“The best moment for me is working on the collections, when I can indulge in colors to my heart's content. No raw material can absorb colors as richly as cashmere - this results in exciting melanges, structures and colors again and again. We like to play through the most exciting combinations and styling possibilities right at the beginning of the design process.

In the current Allude Fashion Show Collection Autumn/Winter 2015, for example, we used many unusual, rarely used shades. We sat in front of one of the dresses for a very long time. We all had the feeling: Nice, but the last kick was missing. We tried out a number of colours, added other materials - and finally found the solution: a piece of fake fur, dyed extra and sewn on. That's it!”