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Andrea Karg über … ihre Liebe für Cashmere

Andrea Karg about … her love for cashmere

Starting a new company always takes courage. It's easier if you can follow your passion for fashion, like Andrea Karg did when she founded Allude. Here she tells how her love affair with cashmere began.

“My love affair with cashmere began when I was a teenager, in the 80s. At that time, a pullover made of this extremely sensitive wool was much rarer and more exotic than it is today, and few shops carried such fine pieces. And if so, then boring twin sets in two shades of gray. For me personally, the fashion world was different after this first feeling experience, I remember that very well. An unforgettable moment. My life then went in a completely different direction professionally, but the memory of the softest sweater I had ever touched never left me. Cashmere conveys so many things at the same time: security, luxury and also sensuality. All at the same time.”