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Andrea Karg über … ihre Lieblingsfilme

Andrea Karg about … her favorite films

F ilm premieres, award ceremonies and festivals are important events for stars and fashionistas alike. The most important question on the red carpet is: What are you wearing? Well, sometimes you would like to have an answer to the "why"... But what does Andrea Karg, Creative Director of Allude, actually like to watch on the big screen or in the home cinema?

"Well, I always think James Bond is great, no matter which actor mimes the agent. But one film that has left a deep impression on me and that I'd like to watch again is L.A. Crash' by director Paul Haggis. It's actually 'just' about a car accident, and yet so much more. About prejudices, about racism, about the smoldering problems of the still great city of Los Angeles... I like this complexity in films like my second all-time favorite ‘Magnolia'. Another story with dozens of intertwined characters. My favorite line comes right at the beginning: ‘No, this wasn’ta pure coincidence. Weird things like that happen all the time.' Just great.”