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Andrea Karg über … die Cashmere Clinic

Andrea Karg on … the Cashmere Clinic

“At Allude it is not only our mission to design extraordinary creations with cashmere. It is at least as important that our customers enjoy their cashmere fashion for as long as possible. The idea for the Allude Cashmere Clinic also came to me because I finally wanted to do away with some stubborn prejudices. That cashmere is so difficult and time-consuming to look after and that so many things can go wrong. Anyway, dry cleaning would be best, and so on.

T he cashmere is actually easy to care for! After all, this is a natural product. Only: Like our own hair, the fine cashmere hair consists of proteins that are broken up and damaged by aggressive cleaning processes such as dry cleaning. The sweater suffers from this, as does the knitted dress.

Washing cashmere in a good machine on the wool program with a precise degree setting is therefore best. Never warmer than 30 degrees. This is why washing by hand is not optimal either, because the temperature can hardly be precisely controlled and you usually knead far too much. Any mechanical treatment such as rubbing or wringing puts a strain on the fine cashmere hair.

The detergent itself is another important factor for perfect care. That's why we've put all our knowledge about this unique material into the Allude Cashmere Care Series, which you can order right here in the online shop. Another note: After washing, please dry each piece lying flat so that it retains its shape. Gladly put a towel underneath, that avoids pressure points.”

Our new Allude Cashmere Clinic now offers this complete wellness program for your cashmere treasures right in the center of Munich, at Christophstrasse 6 . And at the highest level! Every favorite item - whether from Allude or another brand - is professionally washed, dried and lightly steamed. At the end, everything is nicely packed and returned to your care. "It is particularly important to me personally to offer the almost lost craftsmanship of art darning for small repairs on the cashmere knit," adds Andrea Karg.

All of your questions about fashion's most wonderful material will also be answered on site or on our website under Cashmere Clinic. You are also welcome to send us an email to

Just stop by: Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (from June 1st); further appointments by arrangement.

Not from Munich? No problem, just send us your cashmere problem children by post or courier and we will take care of them just as carefully. Our clinic at is available around the clock for cashmere care tips.