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Cashmere Clinic: Die ersten zwei Patienten

Cashmere Clinic: The first two patients

Germany's first cashmere clinic has been in Munich for a little over a month - and the great interest in our all-round pampering program for your darlings made from the most beautiful material confirms that we are on the right track. Every day, customers get advice from our cashmere experts in the stylish premises or bring their problem children with them to have them processed professionally and with great attention to detail.

We asked cashmere “nurse” and care expert Dilek Can about the first two patients at the Allude Cashmere Clinic. She has already been able to professionally refurbish and thus save over 140 fine pieces.

First, let's talk about the women's black sweater. What was it missing?
"Most of all love. And the right care, because the quality of the piece (weight: just over 300 grams) was still wonderful. A colleague and I invested hours of careful work in his well-being: he was depilled inside and out, i.e. freed of lumps, then washed twice with the shampoo and conditioner from our care line, air-dried lying flat and finally gently steamed. We also darned a hole at the back of the neckline.

When she picked it up from the Cashmere Clinic, the owner couldn't believe how great it looked again, almost like new. Since then, we've been showing skeptical customers the before and after photos of this sweater as an example of just how much you can get out of a long-neglected cashmere piece.”



And the pink cashmere cardigan?
"He was in much better shape when he was admitted. Still, we had to depill him before and after washing and plug a hole under his arm. The customer also thanked us profusely for our work, which makes me particularly happy!”

Finally, please give a few tips for anyone who wants to bring a cashmere problem child to the clinic.
"Please only repair it yourself if you are very familiar with sewing and cashmere. Most of the time I have to unpick such rescue attempts and stuff everything new and professionally. If you still have leftover threads or excess yarn from the respective piece, you are welcome to bring it with you. This makes it easier for us to carry out the repair in such a way that it is not visible if possible.

Important: As soon as you notice a small hole, you should no longer wash the part, as this will increase the damage! And if you notice moth holes, to protect our other patients, wrap your sweater, scarf or dress in a bag before you come to the Allude Cashmere Clinic. We look forward to you!"

Info: You will find the Allude Cashmere Clinic at Christophstrasse No. 6, in the heart of Munich. The opening times are Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (from June 1st); further appointments by arrangement.