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Allude & Friends: Stylist Samuel Drira über Bach und Claude Brouet

Allude & Friends: Stylist Samuel Drira on Bach and Claude Brouet

T he fashion world is full of unique characters, people full of imagination, always willing to try something new. French stylist, editor and founder of Encens newspaper and creative consultant Samuel Drira is all that and more - and we're thrilled to introduce you to this longtime companion of Andrea Karg. Andrea Karg designed and implemented the fashion shows with Samuel at her side and stylistically defined the Allude world on the runway. He is Creative Director of the Nehera brand and has worked for Hugo Boss, The Row, Damir Doma and Hermès. Here is our interview with this visionary artist:

How does your day start?
With a large glass of fresh water.

Which beauty product do you trust?
On my shower gel. Currently, the "Silver Birch" is from Molton Brown.

The coolest song on your iPod or iPhone?
Something by Johann Sebastian Bach.

How would you describe your own style?
As long as I'm not wearing slim-fit pants, I'm fine.

Do you remember your first cashmere garment?
A gray crew neck jumper from Allude in size XXL. It is of such great quality that it is virtually indestructible.

Do you have a favorite piece from the current Allude collection?
The combination of a tone-in-tone, hand-embroidered tubular skirt with an almost weightless long sweater. There is so much craftsmanship in both, and yet the outfit appears effortless.

Allude & Friends: Stylist Samuel Drira on Bach, Proust and Claude Brouet
Making of: Allude Show in New York, 2010

When did you discover your passion for fashion and styling?
Even as a child, in 1979. That was when I saw the first fashion show reports in a glossy magazine.

What are the "ingredients" for a great outfit?

What are your styling tips for summer 2015?
Even the clothes closest to your body should never distract from your intelligence.

Which style icon do you adore?
Claude Brouet! She was editor-in-chief of "Elle" and "Marie Claire" in France and was later responsible for Prêt-à-porter at Hermès from 1988 to 1997. She even introduced transparent looks in this very traditional, even iconic fashion house. A fearless woman - with so much style.

your greatest treasure?
That's easy: my friends.

One of your most exciting experiences in fashion?
That was a few years ago when we combined 30 beautiful outfits out of 14 pieces for Allude. A real challenge, but we overcame it.

Allude & Friends: Stylist Samuel Drira on Bach, Proust and Claude Brouet
Making of: Allude Show in New York, 2010

What makes working with Andrea Karg so special for you?
That's not an easy question to answer, because in my eyes Andrea is a fascinating personality: there's the business woman who, instead of pursuing a career in law or being "just" a housewife and mother, expresses her own aesthetic vision through cashmere. And as her collections became a huge success, she didn't take the easy route towards more and more profit with the same designs, but continued to experiment undauntedly with her favorite material. With results that, in my opinion, are always breathtaking! In addition, it is great fun to work with her. While some designers indulge in their egomania, she listens carefully and tries to improve ideas that have not yet been fully developed in conversation. She doesn't immediately dismiss suggestions. It is important for them to find a common design language. Andrea really is a real team worker.

How did you two meet?
She called me eleven years ago out of the blue. After our first meeting, I wasn't sure if she even liked my work. Well, we've been working wonderfully together ever since.

What do you like most about her?
Andrea is a real artist, which of course she would never admit. She's far too modest for that.

what makes you happy
Work, work, work.

Your best book tip?
All by Marcel Proust.

your favorite movie?
"Death in Venice" by cinema genius Luchino Visconti.

What talent would you like to possess?
Not feeling so stupid in front of a computer.

What are you dreaming of?
to live in the moment.

Who else are you dying to style?
Definitely model and actress Lauren Hutton.

Allude & Friends: Stylist Samuel Drira on Bach, Proust and Claude Brouet