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Porcelain cashmere comb: Frytz

Allude and Nymphenburg present “Frytz”, the cashmere comb made from the finest Nymphenburg porcelain.

The artisans from Nymphenburg created “Frytz”, an elegantly curved cashmere comb made of matt white bisque porcelain exclusively for the Munich cashmere label. Modern and pure like the cashmere pieces designed by Andrea Karg themselves. Provided with two deep black company logos - the Bavarian lozenge shield from Nymphenburg and the large, truncated A from Allude, the pure white shards are given an exciting contrast.

Sale price€149,00 EUR

10-00011-1_af6eac2f-c876-46ea-b1c2-7fc37c65f6c9 - Porzellan Cashmere Kamm: Frytz - Care Set - Allude
Porcelain cashmere comb: Frytz Sale price€149,00 EUR

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