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Start the day full of energy, focused and in a good mood? What sounds like an unattainable wishful thinking for many should succeed with the right morning routine. Because if we consciously organize the time immediately after getting up with rituals that are good for body and soul, this has a positive effect on the entire daily routine. Even more: beneficial habits increase our quality of life, make us happier and help us to achieve our goals!

It 's like this: we all have a morning routine. But this is mostly chosen unconsciously. Keyword: snooze button! Let the alarm clock ring three times before you slurp into the bathroom, then put on your clothes frantically and rush onto the train with your to-go coffee while you check emails and scroll through social media channels – that too is a kind of morning routine . Just one that robs us of energy and nerves.

If our morning habits are designed to do something good for us, to reflect and focus in a relaxed manner, there is a high probability that this framework will accompany our day.

Famous personalities swear by their morning routine as a recipe for success. Inspirational examples can be found in books such as Mason Curry’s “ Daily Rituals ” or Laura Vanderkam’s “ What the most successful people do before breakfast ”.
Possible rituals range from yoga, sports, meditation, breathing techniques to gratitude and visualization exercises. But also having a leisurely cup of tea or taking a few minutes to read can have a significant effect on the rest of the day.

The most important thing about the morning routine: It must be motivating, actionable and useful. You don't have to join the 5am Club and meditate for two hours right away. Even just five minutes can make all the difference.

There is no ONE morning routine that makes everyone happy anyway! Think about what is good for you and how much time you want and can spend on it. And then stay tuned! Because our brain needs about 21 days to develop new habits. Only when we have internalized the new processes do they give structure and stability to our everyday lives. And when we finally don't have to think about it anymore, it's like a vacation for the brain.

At the end of the day, the morning routine is about mindfulness, about looking inward before stepping out and actively and consciously taking charge of the day (and life) early in the morning.

photos via unsplash