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Article: Winter is getting colourful: Allude Fall/Winter Collection 2018/2019

Der Winter wird bunt: Allude Fall/Winter Collection 2018/2019

Winter is getting colourful: Allude Fall/Winter Collection 2018/2019

When the days get shorter and the temperatures colder, the (fashion) world sometimes seems to sink into muted tones and sadness. But, to quote a popular phrase from old commercials, that doesn't have to be the case. In the Allude Collection for the Fall/Winter 2018/2019 season, energetic, bright colors and cuts inspired by the athleisure trend with plenty of style dynamics dominate. Warming materials and cozy comfort meet a lot of lightness.

The intense colors are wonderfully mood-enhancing and eye-catching enough, which is why Andrea Karg and her design team largely avoided patterns. The pullovers, pants and jackets are created in one color or with color blocking, reduced to the maximum, so to speak. The cuts are also clean, almost minimalistic and thus support the sporty athleisure look of the menswear and menswear: joggers with cuffs, cuddly cashmere leggings, calf-length stretch dresses, sheer pullovers with round necks, turtlenecks or hoods determine the looks. Instead of going into hibernation, the following fashion months have to be: keep moving and be happy about your new favorite pieces, which are made for a gaz-year outfit.

Jams, chutneys, jellies: preserving is “in”, and not only in Indian summer. Colors, smells and tastes of summer are preserved in the mason jars, as if to reassure oneself on a dark November night that the warmth, light and colors were really there until just a few months ago. The candy and precious stone colors of the Allude collection for the coming autumn and winter are also reminiscent of this: medium blue like the hydrangeas in Brittany, turquoise like the Côte d'Azur in the midday sun or baby blue like the dull morning sky on a July day when you already at seven o'clock in the morning you know "It's going to be hot today".

The powder tone of a peony also moves in the pastel range, while other designs are bright red like a ripe, sweet cherry. Add red lips and you have the quickest pick-me-up for uncomfortable weather conditions. Fuchsia pink and amethyst violet can also be found in the Allude palette. Because in addition to the fruits and flowers of summer, it is above all precious stones that lend the cashmere treasures their luminosity: the green of an emerald, wonderful lapis lazuli blue or gray turamaline quartz.