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In bester Gesellschaft: Allude mit dem Meisterkreis auf Welttournee

In the best of company: Allude with the Meisterkreis on a world tour

Not at all elitist and yet a truly select circle – that is the “Meisterkreis” founded in 2011. The Berlin organization counts the crème de la crème of German business and culture among its members, who unite timeless values. These include a high degree of creativity, perfect craftsmanship, great passion and innovative strength, the best customer service and an uncompromising quality standard.

The fact that "Made in Germany" includes much more than powerful engines and clever machines becomes clear when you take a look at the extensive "Meisterkreis" family book. There you will find, for example, the legendary camera manufacturer Leica, the legendary porcelain manufacturer Meissen and the traditional writing instrument manufacturer Faber-Castell. And the internationally celebrated cashmere label Allude based in Munich, which Andrea Karg founded in 1993 and led to success. One of only a few fashion brands in the Meisterkreis that sees itself as a lobby for the best in its product discipline, as a discussion forum, door opener and regular organizer of interdisciplinary events for the global exchange of experience and knowledge.

One of the currently most spectacular projects was created in cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office. Under the mission name "German Contemporary Excellence", the unique diversity and creative power of the German economy should be experienced even more intensively. This is ensured, for example, by masterful portraits of founding personalities such as Andrea Karg from Allude and others, which top photographer Jim Rakete captured with the camera for an exclusive illustrated book from the Steidl publishing house accompanying the project. ROCKET himself is more than qualified for the Meisterkreis, having had countless stars like David Bowie and Linda Evangelista in front of his lens during his exemplary career.

In the following two years, the atmospheric and impressive pictures and the book (not available in stores!) will be on tour through German embassies and consulates around the world. The exhibition started with a stop at the Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin at the beginning of March. Next stops include Paris, Seoul and Qatar. And we are proud to be part of this literally valuable journey. Allude around the world !

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Photo: Jim Rocket for German Contemporary Excellence/Meisterkreis