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Dufte Reise: Die Parfüms von MIN New York

Fragrant journey: The perfumes of MIN New York

Countless new fragrances land on boutique shelves almost every day, trying to somehow draw attention to themselves. With an extravagant bottle design, well-known (advertising) faces and, of course, with innovative notes - from floral-heavy to mysterious-tart to sporty-tangy. However, of the 200 to 300 newcomers presented, only a few survive the first and almost none the fifth year on the market. A gamble, despite all market research. Which is why the perfume company MIN dispenses with it entirely and celebrates success with its creations far from the mainstream.

Although Chad Murawczyk fulfilled a dream by founding MIN in 1999, 18 years later the label is still an insider tip for women and men alike. From the outside alone, the perfumes in the black bottles clearly stand out from their neighbors in the window displays. And surprises you inside too. Like olfactory adventures, Murawczyk's compositions take us to the dunes of the Hamptons, a medieval circus or to the moon. Some even bring long-forgotten memories to life: For example that summer holiday with our parents, when the salty breeze on the beach blew our hats off our heads, the powdery sunscreen and the sand grains rubbing between our toes.

Chad Murawczyk doesn't need any tricks and hocus-pocus from the laboratory. The secret of MIN lies in the selection and dosage of the ingredients - the highest quality oils, distillates and extracts from the French perfume town of Grasse. But the 44-
year-olds no cost. After all, memories, even captured in a perfume, are priceless anyway.

If you want to experience the fragrances up close, you should definitely make a detour to the MIN boutique in Soho on your next visit to New York. In addition to the perfumes, you will find many other unusual (beauty) treasures there. Our tip: Arrive, select a scent and let your senses wander while you relax from sightseeing on one of the Chesterfield armchairs.

MIN, 117 Crosby St, New York, NY 10012