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Article: Knit me, baby, one more time: 7 Instagram accounts for knitting fans

Knit me, Baby, one more time: 7 Instagram-Accounts für Strickfans

Knit me, baby, one more time: 7 Instagram accounts for knitting fans

Of course, at Allude we are particularly enthusiastic about wool and knitting. But we're not alone, more and more "creamers" are conquering Instagram - here we present some of our favorite accounts.


The generous one: @jacquifink
"Don't make a mess, make a big bet," thought Australian Jaqueline Fink. Her needles look like they were made for giants and instead of *small* she creates oversized blankets and installations - some loops are as big as a whole hat. Her Instagram feed features many images of her finished work, even adorning the Four Seasons Hotel in Costa Rica. In addition, photos of her works-in-progress, impressions from knitting courses and rolled-up yarn giants are art in and of themselves.


The natural one: @ozetta
Move in please! Knitting artist Ozetta's style from the USA is so hyggelig that we can't even get over it. Natural tones, wood, cups of steaming chocolate and marshmallows - and of course plenty of wool. Her socks, hats, blankets and knitted bags are already making us (and her almost 70,000 followers) want a cozy winter.


The colorful one: @sweaterpotter
The Londoner Anna Maltz has already published two books about knitting needles and balls of yarn, and not only DYI fans will rejoice at the variety of her knitting patterns. In other words, this woman knows her stuff. But there's another reason why it's worth checking out her colorful account: Maltz photographs the prettiest knitted street styles she comes across. Your good eye is our profit!


The all-rounder: @knitting_inspiration
The best thing about Instagram is the random discoveries you keep making that enrich your life immensely. Knitting Inspiration has hundreds of such random inspirations ready, because Claire from the Australian wool shop "We love Knitting" meticulously examines the most amazing, most beautiful, funniest pictures on the subject of knitting and curates them into a great feed. Diversity at its best!


The Maternal: @strikkezilla
Definitely the account with the biggest aww effect: The Norwegian Tina Hauglund aka Strikkezilla started knitting for her two children - and just published four books about DYI-Knitwear for kids. She captures her Bullerby life and her infinitely cute designs for us on Instagram. Anyone who is considering giving their (god) child something cuddly for their birthday should follow her.


The stylish one: @paulatrickt
Knitwear is only for winter? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! With cool Ibiza bikinis and shopping bags, which are ideal for a stroll through a French market, Paula shows that knitwear fits perfectly into the summertime. When colder days come, their intertwined headbands keep your ears warm.


The artistic one: @maryannemoodie
Well, we have to admit at this point that Maryanne Moodie weaves rather than knits knits. But first of all, this has something to do with wool, and secondly, their tapestries are so stunning that we didn't want to withhold them from you. Her creations range from brightly colored to completely undyed new wool, the highlight of which lies in the elaborate structure and patterns.