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Article: The Chinese Year of the Cashmere Goat

Das chinesische Jahr der Cashmere-Ziege

The Chinese Year of the Cashmere Goat

A t Allude, we not only have an intimate relationship with our most important raw material – the finest cashmere – but also with the extraordinary animals that give it to us. This year, the cashmere goat has a very special place, after all, according to the traditional Chinese calendar, the "Year of the Goat" began on February 19th.

Only every twelve years (e.g. 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991 or 2003) does this zodiac sign determine the fortunes of all those who believe in astrology. This year, which lasts until February 7, 2016, it is, to be precise, the "wooden goat". Are the more than 130 million cashmere goats that are estimated to live in China aware of this special time? Hopefully, because they are now considered a delicacy and are very popular!

What else there is to know about the "Year of the Goat" (also called "Year of the Sheep/Aries"):

– The defining element of these twelve months is the earth.

– The lucky numbers are 3, 4 and 9; Bad luck brings 7 and 8.

- The Lucky Flowers are Cowslip, Carnation and Pansy.

– The lucky colors? Green, Red and Violet. Gold and coffee brown, on the other hand, are not so popular.

– Those born in the “Year of the Goat” are considered peace-loving, good-natured and popular. The "Wooden Goat" adds, among other things, helpfulness and the sometimes stubborn adherence to habits. Luckily at Allude goats are not made of wood and as a fashion brand we tend to be constantly on the move and curious about everything new. No matter whether colors, cuts or creative concepts.

Incidentally, the Chinese welcome each new year of their calendar with a whole series of rituals intended to ensure them success, health and a contented life. They open windows and doors to let luck in. Sweetened food is served, the house is cleaned, new slippers are bought... And those who can arrange it touch a Chinese Foo Dog, which is revered as a lucky charm.

On the other hand, anyone who still buys shoes on New Year's Eve invites misfortune. Equally unfavorable is a haircut during the festivities. In addition, outfits in black or white should be avoided, both colors have negative connotations.

And after the year of the goat? In February 2016 follows the year of the monkey. Happy New Year!

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