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Andrea Karg über … ihren Einrichtungsstil

Andrea Karg on … her furnishing style

For Andrea Karg, style and elegance are less dependent on the wallet or a certain clothing size and more a question of attitude. And this is expressed in the smile with which you start the day as well as in the choice of outfit. And also in which furniture, objects or works of art find a place in your own home.

“Unlike my family, I love emptiness at home. That reassures me, I don't need knick-knacks on the shelf. Maybe that comes from my job. I work creatively every day, am constantly surrounded by a wide variety of impulses and influences. This is often very detailed: photo spreads in magazines, illustrated books, fabric samples and color charts. A private environment that exudes calm and a bit of Zen is therefore very relaxing for me. The only things I condone on this white Living canvas are paintings and sculptures. Because art inspires and relaxes me at the same time.”