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Andrea Karg über … Business-Ideen

Andrea Karg on … business ideas

Everyone is already talking about the start-up generation, about twentysomethings who want to do their “very own thing”, whether in fashion, with an organic café or as an app developer. As an experienced and successful businesswoman, Allude founder Andrea Karg naturally has an opinion on this subject – and tips for young entrepreneurs.

"In addition to the brilliant idea, which must be like a nucleus for a young company, a new service or product, the next step is almost more important: What is the plan for the phase after the starting signal with a lot of euphoria and premature praise? How should things continue if Step 1 was satisfactory or even exceeded expectations? Should one carefully adjust the basic idea, sharpen the brand image, hone one's own role as a leader? At least I have to ask myself these questions at certain intervals – and discuss them with partners or mentors – even if I ultimately decide to 'keep it up'.

Basically , every founder should be passionate about their job, and that's how it was and is for me too. You don't have time for much more, i.e. hobbies, family and leisure hours anyway. Because especially at the beginning everyone has to be willing to give significantly more than 100 percent. If that seems too strenuous or unrealistic for you, in my opinion your own business is only suitable to a limited extent. Or she or he has not yet found the individual market niche and passion.”