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Playlist: Heaven Can Wait von Charlotte Gainsbourg feat. Beck

Playlist: Heaven Can Wait by Charlotte Gainsbourg feat. Beck

W e admit that this clip is probably one of the strangest videos of one of the most beautiful songs. That's probably what happens when you put electropop chanteuse, actress and style icon Charlotte Gainsbourg together with the man they call Beck.

Director Keith Schofield dreamed up a slew of surreal visual gags for Heaven Can Wait, including a baby in a hot dog costume and a pancake-faced astronaut. Not surprising, after all, the same creative person was responsible for the music film for "The Big Bad Wolf" by Duck Sauce...

Whatever the case, the video for Heaven Can Wait is the perfect entrée to the album from which the song is taken, IRM, also co-produced by Gainsbourg and Beck. Our rating? Très awesome, I promise!