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Scents of the Season: Unsere Duftkerzen-Favoriten

Scents of the Season: Our favorite scented candles

A ctually, scented candles are a wonderfully fleeting room accessory all year round. It may be due to the cozy glow of the flame that we only really get the taste – or rather: the aroma – and stock up on a new collection in autumn and winter. Apple, cinnamon or pumpkin pie are on the olfactory retreat this year, at least that's what the consulting agency Seven Scent "smelled" as a trend. Instead in: the mysterious smoky wood oud, the rose and masculine leather notes.

The Allude team also loves fragrant candles , so we have put together some of our personal favorite scented candles here:

Cloon Keen Atelier Antique Library

Antique Library by Cloon Keen Atelier

Richly decorated old books containing the knowledge of many centuries, lined up on shelves made of dark, heavy wood that reach up to the dome ceiling ... These are the first pictures that the unique mix of beeswax, cedar wood, frankincense and cistus in front of the interior eye lures.
Available e.g. B. with Ludwig Beck

Diptyque Oliban

"Oliban" by Diptique

Enchanted dense forests are the rich source of inspiration for this limited edition called "Forêts Imaginaires", which also includes two other scented candles. With "Oliban" beguiling incense meets noble woods, balsamic and some fresh notes. Atmospheric forest motifs by the painter Julien Colombier adorn the glasses.
Available e.g. B. Ludwig Beck and For the Love of Fragrance

Byredo Prune Glacee

Prune Glacee by Byredo Parfums

Like the perfumes of Ben Gorham, who was born in Sweden and grew up in North America, his scented candles are wonderfully idiosyncratic. This composition from the "Subzero" series is fruity and woody at the same time, thanks to plum and date aromas combined with acai berries, wintergreen, leathery birch and heavy patchouli.
Available e.g. B. Ludwig Beck and For the Love of Fragrance

Diana Vreeland Extravagance Russian

Extravagance Russe by Diana Vreeland Parfums

In honor of his grandmother, legendary fashion luminary and Vogue Editor-in-Chief Diana Vreeland, Alexander Vreeland launched a line of perfumes and scented candles that would have been designed to delight his granny . In this fragrance, mystical amber, bourbon vanilla and musk combine to pay homage to Vreeland's penchant for the Orient.
Available e.g. B. in the department store Quartier 206 and in the master perfumery

David Mallett Le Salon Hiver

"Le Salon en Hiver" by David Mallett

The jet set frequents his Paris hairdressing salon, and star hairdresser David Mallett also has a stylish hand with his perfumes and matching fragrant candles . From autumn to spring, this fragrance conjures up a pleasant freshness in the rooms, for example with bergamot, cinnamon, rose vetiver and fresh hay. A wintry journey through the mountainous regions of the Caucasus inspired Mallett to create this mix.
Available e.g. B. For the love of fragrance

Ritual's Lotus Secret

Lotus Secret by Rituals

Clarifying white lotus and yi yi ren, a Chinese sweet grass used as a medicinal herb in ancient TCM , provide a soothing wisp of fragrance, while the puristic design relaxes the gaze. Also perfect for your own wellness oasis in the bathroom.
Available e.g. B. directly at Rituals

And which grades will determine the winter of 2016/2017? The experts from Seven Scent have already determined that: We can look forward to iced blackberries and currants, to violets and, again, the distinctive oud.

Here are a few more tips to ensure that your scented candles achieve the maximum burning time :

  • 1. Do not light outdoors or in drafts.
  • 2. Do not place on heat-sensitive surfaces.
  • 3. When lighting for the first time, let all the top layer of wax become liquid, then the candle will burn more evenly.
  • 4. Use a candle snuffer to prevent the wick from sooting.
  • 5. Trim the wick regularly to about 5 millimeters.
  • 6. Do not let the candle burn for more than four hours maximum.