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Article: Art Dept: Wet x Qiu Yang - Songs from "Don't You"


Art Dept: Wet x Qiu Yang - Songs from "Don't You"

"I can't make up my mind, everything is so colorful here," the punk icon Nina Hagen is said to quote, while the eye is immersed deeper and deeper into the light-flooded, brightly colored and extremely tidy pictorial world of Qiu Yang . It is no coincidence that the Beijing-born photographer and artist's unmistakably fun-loving style is extremely popular in the fashion world.

W ith brands like Kenzo and COS or magazines like “Elle” and “Glamour” – Yang, who commutes between New York and Amsterdam, simply hits the spirit of the times. And that with somnambulistic certainty. The most recent example is this fantastic short film, for which Yang collaborated with art director Hassan Rahim and US band Wet. The latter contributed songs and sounds from their album "Don't you". A clip with a wow effect, especially for everyone who couldn't get enough of lumps of clay and hands on a potter's wheel in the cult film "Ghost".