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Allude Likes: Das Limogeporzellan von Birgitta Schrader

Allude Likes: Birgitta Schrader's Limoges porcelain

A world as diverse, international and spanning all creative genres as fashion has one major advantage above all: always new inspirations, sometimes every second. Designs, people, places and lots of favorite pieces that meet our standards of innovative design, the highest quality and plenty of esprit. It goes without saying that a carefully curated event like Der Berliner Mode Salon brings with it a whole series of discoveries from this rare category. One of them for Andrea Karg and the Allude team was the porcelain artist Birgitta Schrader from Reichertshausen in Pfaffenhofen.

Only a mysterious tendril of flowers just above the floor refers to the woman, whose imagination and craftsmanship are behind the vases, plates and other vessels made of precious, colored Limoge porcelain. The rough unglazed outer "biscuit" shell suggests colors such as moss green, salmon pink and graphite, which unfold their full power on the smooth polished interior. No pastel "ice cream mess" but a calming palette with character. Together with the linear shapes that do not radiate severity but a feminine delicacy, these very special pieces go wonderfully with the Allude Home Collection .

“A reinterpretation of the traditional dinner service” is how the artist describes her Å'uvre. Puristic, sensual, beautiful! Birgitta Schrader studied at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts and has been working freely with a wide variety of materials since 1997. She opened her porcelain workshop in 2010 and has since been featured in various exhibitions, including "M15: Handicrafts in the Villa Metzler" at the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt and the Ateliertage for Applied Arts in Nuremberg entitled "EinBlick".

If you would like to know more about Birgitta Schrader and her extraordinary work, which we immediately put on our wish list, you can find more information on her website .