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Food for Thought: Münchner Lach- und Schießgesellschaft

Food for Thought: Munich Laughing and Shooting Society

“The best place for politicians is on the election poster. There it is portable, noiseless and easy to remove.” The old master of humor Loriot once said, forgetting an important and extremely entertaining place where events from Berlin to Washington can be best consumed: the cabaret. With the Munich Laughing and Shooting Society, Allude's hometown has had one of the best stages for this art form since 1956 - nationally known above all for and through its founding member, the unforgettable Dieter Hildebrandt. After five years in which Lach & Schiess "only" offered other cabaret artists and comedians a temporary home, since October 2015 there has finally been an ensemble of its own again.

"I was very enthusiastic about the new team, really carried away," says Allude Creative Director Andrea Karg, describing her visit to the "Who are we again" program. And adds: “Some subordinate clauses have an effect on the way home. They are really great artists, with irrepressible energy and radiance. I felt like I was watching the future stars of the scene doing their inspiring work.”

The background music is more important to the new ensemble of the Munich Laughing and Shooting Society than it used to be. Two of the members, Sebastian Rüger and Frank Smilgies (aka Ulan & Bator), are experienced drummers, and Caroline Ebner and Norbert Bürger also combine talent for rhythm with the power of acting. Virtuoso play with language, absurd jokes, thoughtful comments on the zeitgeist and sometimes punk sounds - this is how the likeable quartet recommends itself for the new year, in which one thing will not be missing: enough topics.

Loriot once again has the last word in our cultural tip: "I like to laugh – if it fits." And in the Munich laughing and shooting society it fits!

Photo: fkn/ Munich laughing and shooting society