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Unsere Trendfarben des Sommers: Strawberry Sorbet, Sunny & Serenity

Our trend colors of the summer: Strawberry Sorbet, Sunny & Serenity

"Like ice in the sunshine, I'm melting away on a sunny day"

W ith this simple line of text and squeaky synthesizer sounds, an ice cream commercial became a cult hit in 1986. Like Katrina and the Waves' "Walking on Sunshine" a year earlier. Of course, completely different tracks are playing on our iPhone or car radio today, but at least in terms of fashion, happy pastel tones and ice cream colors remain indispensable messengers of summer.

In Allude Spring/Summer 2016, three wonderful nuances full of optimism and power set the tone: a radiant "Sunny" yellow, the rich "Strawberry Sorbet" and a calming blue called "Serenity". By the way, the latter is one of the most important trend colors on the palette of the experts from Pantone for this year.


The collection presents the trio z. B. as a striped pullover with a V-neckline and a contrasting striped breast pocket, as a polo shirt in a light cashmere-cotton mix, as a striped shirt without sleeves and as a statement pullover with a lengthways rib and mottled gray collar. As with all pieces designed by Andrea Karg and her team, no cut should restrict and the details are free to be unconventional and sophisticated.


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