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Article: Playlist: Heaven Scent by Soulwax and Chloe Sevigny

Playlist: Heaven Scent von Soulwax und Chloe Sevigny

Playlist: Heaven Scent by Soulwax and Chloe Sevigny

M odel, permanent it girl, actress and now also a singer? There seems to be nothing Chloë Sevigny can't do. The American journalist Jay McInerney already knew that when he wrote a seven-page homage to the then 19-year-old “coolest girl in the world” in the venerable magazine “The New Yorker” in 1994. For what is probably the coolest track of the hour, the all-rounder with the unmistakable bedroom look teamed up with the French music designer Michel Gaubert. It usually fills the most important catwalks in the fashion world with sound – from Céline to Vuitton. Almost every song on his playlists creates a "I want one too" feeling.

Mixed for the new campaign by Californian perfume house Régime des Fleurs, Heaven Scent is no exception. Chloe Sevigny's softly whispered voice is accompanied by the funky beats of the brothers David and Stephen Dewaele - the Belgian electronic duo behind Soulwax and 2manydjs. The result of the sound project supervised by Gaubert: sexy, cheeky like Chloe. It goes without saying that this is reminiscent of legendary parties in small Parisian clubs with velvet sofas, amber-colored drinks and dim lights. Sante !