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Allude x Nymphenburg Friends in craftmanship and sustainability

Allude x Nymphenburg Friends in craftmanship and sustainability

A llude and Nymphenburg present “Freya”, the cashmere comb made from the finest Nymphenburg porcelain.

Cashmere that is second to none.
Woolly soft passion from Allude, designed in Munich, natural and sustainable. In addition, the finest porcelain in the world.
Nymphenburg porcelain, handcrafted in the master workshops on the northern castle rondel in Munich.
Both are now united in a first Friendship collaboration.

The artisans from Nymphenburg created “Freya”, an elegantly curved cashmere comb made of matt white bisque porcelain exclusively for the Munich cashmere label.
The design of the smart hand flatterer is based on the shape of a chameleon, modern and pure like the cashmere pieces designed by Andrea Karg themselves.
Provided with two deep black company logos - the Bavarian lozenge shield from Nymphenburg and the large, truncated A from Allude, the pure white body gets an exciting contrast.
Passion. expertise. Sustainability.
This collaboration reveals the perfect craftsmanship and the highest quality standards of two successful companies that are internationally state of the art.
People, cashmere and porcelain form a connection. “Freya” becomes a valuable friend to take care of what is most valuable.
"Freya" is the prelude to a whole Friendship series by Allude and Nymphenburg.

Every year, the circle of friends grows with another exciting personality.
After all, you have good friends because you share important values ​​with them. You can feel them at Allude and Nymphenburg. The love of materials, craftsmanship and beauty. This is sensuality in its most beautiful form.

“Freya” is available now at a price of €159 in stationary stores and in the Allude and Nymphenburg online shops.