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Art of Candy: Maayan Zilberman macht Süßes zu Kunst

Art of Candy: Maayan Zilberman turns candy into art

Delicate lingerie and sticky candy? It goes together about as well as Gwyneth Paltrow and aerosol cheddar. Not at all. We remember: In an interview, the actress once mentioned that she would rather take drugs than ever try liquid processed cheese.

But back to the lingerie figure, for which excessive sugar consumption is, shall we say, semi-optimal. Maayan Zilberman from New York has found a solution that is as artistic as it is clever: The 36-year-old, who celebrated success as a designer of luxury underwear until 2013, now designs sweets that are far too beautiful to eat.

You could call Candy Couture what Zilberman creates in her Brooklyn studio and with which she causes quite a sensation. Especially during Fashion Week!

The fact that you experience a real sugar shock (in a positive sense) when you see their sweets is mainly due to their appearance. Because in contrast to the standard sweets that are shrink-wrapped in plastic on the supermarket shelf, Zilberman's creations are also a real treat to look at.

Whether colorful glittering USB sticks, Rolex watches with 24-carat gold dust, lipsticks, eyes or mixtapes - there is hardly an object that the New Yorker has not sweetened. Some of them, such as the sparkling gems, you would like to keep in a jewelry box.

The name of her company, "Sweet Saba", is a homage to her grandfather. Even as a little girl, the Israeli experimented with it in the kitchen.

The flavors are just as unusual as the candy creations. How about champagne, bacon, whiskey, jasmine or the taste of the Dead Sea? Meanwhile, the imagination of the candy couturière knows no limits. Next, she wants to enrich her design sweets with vitamins. And then at the latest, “Smoothie” junkie Gwyneth Paltrow should also be convinced.

Info: If you want to taste Maayan Zilberman's delicious works of art, you can buy them online or at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. The official Sweet Saba Instagram channel is delicious to look at without any calories.

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Photos: Sweet Saba; Jason Lewis (Portrait Mayaan Zilberman)