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Playlist: Hold On von The XX

Playlist: Hold On by The XX

Some bands that quickly become very successful often have a rather short half-life in the charts. She either breaks in the face of rapid fame, annoys the press and fans with exaggerated airs and graces – or gives a damn about everything. British pop trio The XX definitely haven't gone to their heads in the global euphoric sympathy, quite the opposite. The members of the hyped combo around Romy Madley Croft are rather introverted away from the stage. A shyness with which they sometimes tease journalists in interviews. In "On Hold" from the current album "I see you", on the other hand, they really speak and sing themselves out.

Already in the first few lines, the full emotional charge hits you when frontwoman Romy breathes "I don't blame you, we got carried away" into the phone receiver in a remote diner. A song that tells relentlessly and honestly about the failure of love, but does without a tear-choked voice and other sentimental circus. Just like we're used to from The XX. The trio is limited to the essentials. Even with the most beautiful, unpredictable feeling: love. we love it