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Allude’s München: Travel-Tipps von Andrea Karg und Team

Allude's Munich: Travel tips from Andrea Karg and team

A lot can be read about Munich in city guides and on online portals. However, before you have clicked through the flood of open browser tabs, it is often too late to put the inspiration into practice - and the notes about the Isarperle are so extensive that 24 hours or a weekend getaway hardly seem sufficient. Instead of stressful location hopping, our guide offers a small, fine selection of locations that the Allude team has personally tested and found to be at least good, if not great. Have fun in Minga .


Theresa Restaurant
A visit here is not usually limited to a helping of gambas al ajillo and tender beef sirloin with homemade fries. When you look at the carefully styled furnishings in the Sixties look, you inevitably get the urge to redesign your own apartment. Incidentally, the cozy velvet stools and dim lamps can be ordered directly from the creative team Seven Elohim via the establishment's website.

Film Casino Odeonsplatz
The noble, shimmering interior of this gem could serve as a wonderful backdrop for action films such as "Casino Royale" or "Ocean's 11". However, there is no sharp shooting or high poker here. Instead, delicious drinks and modern interpretations of dishes such as an Asian-inspired beef tartare are served. Our recommendation: the dinner club on Friday and Saturday, from 11 p.m.

Gaertnerplatz Alm
You won't find an Alpine panorama, grazing cows and lederhosen in this restaurant, but the traditional dishes unfold their tasty effect even without Alpine frills. In addition to the hearty snack with North Italian cottage salami, mountain cheese and antipasti, the alpine fondue is particularly recommended. And maybe an “Alm Mule” with iconic Almudler Limo?!


Cole & Porter Bar
Whether coffee to go , a quick snack or an after-work drink: The Cole & Porter Bar is the perfect meeting place in the heart of Munich at any time of the day. Jazz fans in particular will get their money's worth here: with the unusual trumpet lamps that hover above the counter and the exquisite beats from the sound system.

Cafe Morso
Italy is never very far away in Munich, but if you can't make it "over" you don't need to despair. With its delicious pasta dishes, tramezzini and Sicilian coffee specialties, the Café Morso team brings a cornucopia of the legendary La Dolce Vita to Maxvorstadt. Be sure to secure one of the free seats in front of the café, from there you can watch the hustle and bustle on Nordendstraße in a relaxed manner.

The Woodruff
The fact that you don't want to leave this delicatessen/café/restaurant after the first visit is due to the homely atmosphere - but above all to the delicious dishes. Everything that comes onto the sturdy wooden tables is of the finest organic quality: whether it's homemade jams or smoked cheese.


House of Art
After a long walk in the English Garden, a visit to the nearby House of Art is worthwhile. Highly recommended is the event "Art after work" that takes place there regularly. Delicious snacks and excellent drinks are served in the already legendary Golden Bar right in the building.

Pinakothek der Moderne
In one of the world's largest museums for fine arts of the 20th and 21st centuries, you should take one thing above all else: time. Our current exhibition recommendation for the Pinakothek der Moderne is “Himalaya Goldsteins Stube” by the Swiss video artist Pipilotti Rist, with whom an impressive room installation can finally be seen again.

Lenbach house
The Lenbachhaus is primarily famous for the most comprehensive collection of the art of the "Blauer Reiter". But the other exhibitions should not be missed either. For example the exhibition “Beautiful – Views of the 19th Century”, which aims to captivate the viewer with views of nature and postcard landscapes.


Schumann's Bar
No exaggerated design and certainly no unnecessary frills: Schumann's has little in common with the over-the-top bars in Schwabing and Maxvorstadt. Nevertheless, this popular classic in the Hofgarten does not have to hide. After all, the bar founded by Charles Schumann in 1982 has been THE meeting place for artists, members of parliament, TV stars and media people ever since. Tip: The Les Fleur du Mal Bar on the first floor, where the bartender serves the personally discussed drinks on a nine-metre-long table.

The dimly lit bar on Maximiliansplatz could undoubtedly have sprung from the TV hit "Mad Men". Cigars, with which Don Draper and his colleagues smoked their offices, are not served here, but exquisite cocktails are. In addition to classic highballs, there are also own creations on the menu, such as the "Fatomas", which mixes champagne with white rum and lime.

Have a quick drink before moving on to Munich nightlife? This often ends where it began: at the same counter where you are just sitting and having a lively conversation. Hashtag #pigdog. In order to lower the threshold into the cool club, the Heart is integrated right away, as well as a restaurant and bar. Finally a convincing excuse to simply stay here and still turn night into day.


We make cupcakes
The best thing after a long city tour is a quick stop in one of the adjacent cafes. At "We make cupcakes" not only delicious creations such as "Strawberry kisses" lure, but also cake pops and juicy brownies are part of the range. Difficult decisions are inevitable. And when the weather is nice, simply stroll through the adjacent Viktualienmarkt with a cupcake in hand.

Soda Books
Print is dead ? It's hard to believe when you look at the huge selection of printed works in the Soda Book Shop. Be it fashion, graphic design, architecture or cuisine, plus exciting magazines from Oslo to Osaka, New York to New Delhi. And which magazine do the owner duo Sebastian Steinacker and Isabell Hummel like to read at the moment? The Australian Smith Journal .

Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city? A visit to the store of the beauty brand Aesop on Maximiliansplatz is a great way to unwind. Decorated in soft colors, the store looks like a pleasant cave where scented hair and body products await. The Allude team's absolute favourite: the room spray with geranium, bergamot and cedar wood.

PS We don't want to forget the Allude Cashmere Clinic in the always hip district of Lehel. Our colleagues look forward to seeing you and your cashmere problem children. You will also find our care series and accessories there. See you soon!


It doesn't feel like you're in a "normal" hotel when you check in at the Cortiina. More like in a good friend's cozy designer apartment. Fresh flowers, warm natural tones and comfortable furniture provide plenty of feel-good factor. Back home? Why, we're long gone.

The Flushing Meadows
Staying at Flushing Meadows almost feels like staying in a museum. The eleven rooms on the third floor were designed by famous personalities such as the artist Albert Oehlen or the actress Birgit Minichmayr. Nowhere do you spend the night so creatively valuable.

Louis Hotel
Parisian charm in the middle of Munich: At the Hotel Louis on the Viktualienmarkt, this succeeds in the calmly elegant way that can otherwise only be experienced in France. The white tiles in the bathroom lined with brown marble are reminiscent of the Paris Metro, for example. Our tip: Enjoy breakfast on the small balcony with a view of the magnificent Vitkualienmarkt.

Photos: Cole Porter; Cortiina Hotel/Kull Weinzierl; Theresa Bar/Kerstin Weidemeyer; House of Art/Marino Solokhov; Schumann's Bar Munich/Klaus Brenninger; We make cupcakes; Heart Munich