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Movie Night: „Loving Vincent“

Movie Night: "Loving Vincent"

Countless special effects, deceptively real animations and daring stunts that we wouldn't even dare in our wildest dreams: Hollywood likes to go all out to captivate viewers in their cinema seats. Director Dorota Kobiela and screenwriter Hugh Welchman, on the other hand, manage without chases and exploding backdrops. They rely solely on the power of painting. And the result is no less haunting than some 3D blockbusters!

For their feature film "Loving Vincent", which dramatizes van Gogh's death and the exact circumstances surrounding it, the duo brought real oil paints to fascinating life for the first time. A size comparison makes it clear how much work this pioneering work required: spread out, the paintings by Vincent van Gogh used would cover the metropolis of London and the whole of Manhattan at the same time.

However, before his works began to move, each scene was extensively pre-shot with real actors. You're already looking forward to a making-of to find out more about this sophisticated technology. "Loving Vincent" is not only worth seeing because of the flood of pictures, no, the story is also sweeping. No slightly dusty artist biography is offered here, but an unexpected, exciting thriller.

A short plot teaser: After receiving a letter from the famous painter from his father, young Armand Roulin sets out to find out more about his life. On his journey, he quickly suspects that the van Goghs might not have committed suicide after all. Together with contemporary witnesses, such as the doctor Dr. Gachet and his daughter Marguerite, Roulin goes in search of the truth. Sounds like an Oscar? It wouldn't be the first for screenwriter Hugh Welchman.