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Andrea Karg über … den Markennamen Allude

Andrea Karg on … the brand name Allude

I n the first episode of our interview series with Andrea Karg, founder and creative director of Allude, we talk about the name she gave her fashion label in 1993. As with the christening of a baby, it is not a decision that is easy to make. After all, makers and customers should be able to identify with it years later. The name should sound good, be easy to pronounce, at best trigger positive associations and be the foundation of a strong brand.

"When I started thinking about a suitable name for my fashion brand, one thing was clear to me: I definitely didn't want to name it after myself. The label should still start with 'A', like my first name, I thought. This is how you are always at the top of all lists – at fashion weeks and buyers. I don't know how many dictionaries I've pored over in umpteen languages... Nothing really wanted to reflect what went with my favorite material and maybe even described it. Finally I found the old English verb 'to allude'. That means 'allude to', with which I associated: 'snuggle up', 'caress' and 'touch'. Several sensual dimensions that still go perfectly with cashmere today. The Allude typography from back then has hardly changed over time and still appeals to me just as much today as it did back then – the lettering expresses everything Allude stands for!”