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Andrea Karg über … Inspiration

Andrea Karg on … inspiration

“I am very often asked where I get my inspiration from and how exactly the creative process works. For example, whether I see an exotic shell on the beach while on vacation and then it becomes the next seasonal theme. On the contrary, my work as Creative Director is not such a closed process of idea, collection, fashion show and another kiss from the muse. Creativity just doesn't like being forced into fixed patterns or schedules.

I am generally a curious person and always 'on'. Day and night I collect impressions, moments, images and sounds - some touch me more, others less. And some of these impulses mature into ideas, which I then pursue immediately or later. Every now and then I wake up at night with a creative thought that I have to write down right away so I don't forget it. That's why I always have a small writing pad and a ballpoint pen on my bedside table. I've always done it this way.

Art is definitely an important source of inspiration for me, but I would still say that my creativity criss-crosses all genres and absorbs a wide variety of influences to condense them in our cashmere fashion. Allude is the essence of everything I experience.”