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Article: Summer in the City: The Allude Guide for balcony decoration

Summer in the City: Der Allude Guide für die Balkonien-Deko

Summer in the City: The Allude Guide for balcony decoration

T he summer makes us wait a particularly long time in 2017. Instead also in May: nasty April weather par excellence . However, pulling the blanket over your head again when looking at the temperature app is not a (permanent) solution. So let's start thinking about the summery decoration of the balcony or terrace. Stylish, as you know Allude, of course. If these accessory tips don't elicit golden rays from behind the clouds, then we don't know what will.

Bench by Ames
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone ? Can't happen with this flashy bench in neon tones from yellow to pink. The two-seater (see above) made of robust steel and plastic also puts you in a good mood when the sky is full of violins. Incidentally, the pretty outdoor furniture is made using the "Momposino" weaving technique, which is typical of the region around Santa Marta in Colombia.


Carafe with glasses from House Doctor (seen at Minimarkt)
Need a quick and pretty update for the kitchen? The Danish interior label House Doctor takes its name pretty seriously and delivers the perfect medicine for acute wasteland. Ordinary plastic bottles, for example, are replaced by this set of green glass carafes. The highlight is the closure in the form of a slightly asymmetrical ball, which promptly stays in place.


Lantern by Pols Potten (seen on Amara)
Fans of ethno and boho chic will get their money's worth at Pols Potten. In addition to comfortable armchairs made of rattan and hand-painted ceramics, this lantern is also part of the extensive range of the Dutch cult label. Thanks to the practical suspension device, the lamp can be hung up anywhere and provides a dim light on mild summer evenings. Great: The play of shadows that creates the honeycomb surface.


Karen Elson's Double Roses
When the red-haired Brit isn't floating down the catwalk in the latest creations of the season, Karen Elson is mostly dedicated to music. While their first album "The Ghost Who Walks" was still very dark, "Double Roses" now sounds as delicate as a breath of wind. The perfect soundtrack to leave everyday life behind. Maybe in the hammock and with headphones.


"The Mockito" by Rocktail's Frozen Cocktail
Mixing cocktails is a science in itself. It is not uncommon for the drink to be either too “fizzy” or reminiscent of sticky sugar water with a fruit flavor. Rocktails frozen cocktails are simpler and less stressful, using only natural ingredients. Best of all, creations like the Mockito are completely alcohol-free and are squeezed straight from the freezer into the glass. Tip: If you would like more suggestions, click on the “How to serve” menu item at

allude_watering can

Garden Glory watering can
Is it anything but stylish between potting soil, apron and shovel? Wrong thought. The team at Swedish label Garden Glory also design garden hoses and watering cans that are as sophisticated and funky as if they were top fashion. Our favorite is the pink Diamond Watering Can. After all, it's not for nothing that they say "Diamonds are a (gardening) girl's best friend."


Ortigia "Gelsomino" about Ludwig Beck
No time for a short trip to Italy? The scented candle from Ortigia brings plenty of La Dolce Vita to balconies from Hamburg to Munich. After all, the ingredients for the luxurious soaps, candles and perfumes all come from Sicily. "Gelsomino", for example, impresses with the sweet scent of white jasmine blossoms and also keeps annoying mosquitoes at bay!


Grill by Bloomingville via Beloved Home
We can't compete with our neighbour's barbecue equipment with this delicate model with a maritime stripe print, but we don't need it either. The handy format is not only suitable for the balcony at home, but can also be taken to a picnic in the park. Practical: After grilling, the utensils can be easily transported inside the grill bucket. The wooden handle ensures that we keep our hands free. For example for the spring bouquet, which is spontaneously bought on the way back.


Tray by Marimekko
"Is that a Marimekko?". Don't be surprised if your visitor sees the floral tray by the Finnish brand of the same name. The company, which was founded in 1951, is best known for floral prints such as the classic “Unikko”. If the tray is not going to be used, it can also be wonderfully misused as an art object.


Ingrid Bergmann - A Life of Tilo Wydra
Whether Alfred Hitchcock's "Notorious" or the cult love drama "Casablanca" from 1942. The Swede, who has won three Oscars, is considered one of the most important and popular actresses in the world. With his recently published biography, the German film scholar Thilo Wydra draws an exciting portrait of an actress who has caused one or two film-ready scandals.