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Article: Movie Night: Cafe Society by Woody Allen

Movie Night: Café Society von Woody Allen

Movie Night: Cafe Society by Woody Allen

A n few places are fame, insignificance, illusion and reality closer together than in Hollywood. Fascinated by this world, many try to follow the same path as their idols. On the more or less aimless search for the American Dream. Young Bobby – played by Jesse Eisenberg (“The Social Network”, “Now You See Me”) – can’t let go of the desire to be part of this dazzling dream factory. The timing to advance your own career could hardly be better: The film industry reaches its peak at the beginning of the 1930s.

Growing up in the Bronx, the young man simply lacked the necessary dose of vitamin B and relationships. Glitz and glamor are quickly becoming more and more distant. Only Bobby's uncle Phil, a high-ranking film agent, becomes his stepping stone. With the help of his contacts, Bobby takes the big step - and falls in love with none other than the secretary Vonnie (Kristen Stewart). With her on his arm, he attends hip parties and is suddenly surrounded by beautiful, successful people. His dream seems to be coming true.

But soon Bobby has to face the truth behind the scenes. The supposedly impeccable facade of the film metropolis begins to crumble and Hollywood shows its true face - an ugly face at times. Nevertheless, Woody Allen's "Café Society" is by no means a depressing drama, but garnishes the serious undertone with plenty of wit and charm. Handkerchiefs are therefore more needed for tears of laughter.