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Allude & Friends: Yasmin Sewell, Stylist, Editor und Fashion Influencer

Allude & Friends: Yasmin Sewell, stylist, editor and fashion influencer

Australia is not only famous for the outback, the shell-shaped opera, kangaroos and the yeast spread Vegemite. One of the most inspiring street style stars and all-round creatives also comes from here: Yasmin Sewell. When the photographers aren't rushing to get her during a fashion week, the 39-year-old holds the trend scepter as Fashion Director of and advises well-known companies on style issues. We spoke to the mother of two about her love of cashmere, the legendary openness of Aussies – and embarrassing tattoos.

If you also want to see how Yasmin Sewell wears her personal favorites from Allude, you should visit her on Instagram . In the photos, the web style icon is wearing a jacquard cardigan (above), a stand-up collar sweater (above) and astriped turtleneck (below) by Allude.

Yasmin, how did the love story between you and Cashmere begin? Was there an aha moment?
I grew up in Sydney, which has a fairly mild climate and knitwear wasn't particularly important. It wasn't until I moved to London in my early 20s that I started wearing cashmere and investing in some great pieces.

What do you like about the finest wool in the world?
I wear natural fabrics and materials whenever I can. They just feel so much better on the skin and ensure maximum comfort. And wool is great because it is a natural insulator. Summer or winter - she is always a loyal friend. I prefer to wear cashmere on strenuous and sometimes frosty long-haul flights.

How did you first hear about Allude?
Actually, it was my husband Kyle Robinson who became aware of this special brand and showed me Andrea Karg's collection. Now he is collaborating with Allude in his Paper Mache Tiger showroom.

What makes the brand so adorable?
Every piece I own - and there are quite a few now! – makes me feel special when I wear it.

Please tell our readers your styling tips for these three scenarios:
You overslept: Which outfit makes every woman look dressed in under five minutes?
High-waist jeans, a V-neck cashmere sweater, a great blazer and red lipstick. Heels are optional. The colors should remain subtle: blue, black, light brown ...
After Work Event: How do you get a glamorous update for your office outfit?
With statement earrings and a nice clutch instead of the everyday handbag.
Your winter must-haves: Which items of clothing can you not do without in the cold season?
Knitwear everywhere: pullovers, scarves, beanies, even knitted bell-bottoms for the all-wool look. In winter I just can't get enough of it!

Your winter hotspots in London, New York and your hometown of Sydney. Culinary, culture, nature - the choice is yours!
London: The beautiful ice skating rink set against the stunning backdrop of Somerset House . A leisurely breakfast of sage scrambled eggs and hot coffee at Leila's Shop in Shoreditch.
New York: Be enchanted by the Christmas shop windows on Madison Avenue. The Highline Park on and next to the old train tracks above the city. Of course, in summer, when everything is in bloom, it's even better there. But even in winter, the view of a snow-covered Manhattan is great.
Sydney: One of my favorites any time of year is Sean's Panorama restaurant in Bondi Beach, specializing in sublime dishes made from market-fresh foods.

Your “how to buy knitwear” tip?
The haptic experience makes the difference! The moment when your fingers run over high-quality knitwear and the feeling leaves no doubt that it is exceptional quality.

How would you describe your style in three words?
[Evolving] Evolving, limitless, i.

What do you like about the way men dress?
I borrow a lot from men's wardrobes. I like the simple combination of a few elements into a strong silhouette.

Please tell us your morning ritual, what do you do before you leave the house?
With young children of almost 5 and 2 years old, as you can imagine, my mornings are quite hectic. In a perfect world I would find somewhere 20 minutes to meditate in all the chaos, that always helps me a lot. But most of the time I have to decide on an outfit at lightning speed, avoid the little ones' sticky breakfast fingers and quickly check e-mails during a round of hide-and-seek games. Meanwhile, our NutriBullett blender whisks fruit and veggies together into a smoothie that's ready to start the day in my stomach.

What do you always have in your handbag as a beauty SOS product?
I never leave without In Fiore and Ellis Faas products which I have trusted for many years.

Did you ever expect to become a global street style icon?
Let's put it this way: When I first started working in fashion, I was still sending faxes... I really never expected the incredible success of the internet. Especially his huge impact on the fashion industry and how both common and bizarre the phenomenon called "Street Styles" has become...

Do you have stylish gift ideas for last-minute shoppers?
My tip: Quietly give away an unforgettable experience instead of an object. For example, a voucher for a very special dinner in a restaurant that the recipient would normally never go to. Or a couple of spa treatments to kick off a relaxing "I'll treat myself" day.

What's your secret for a perfect street style photo?
I wish I knew it. Maybe you can tell me... I just try never to have my picture taken while I'm talking or in the middle of a laugh. It definitely results in a double- to triple-chinned snap.

How would you spend your perfect Sunday in winter: from morning to (late) evening?
It's a real treat to leave the bustling city behind every now and then. I like checking into the Lime Wood Hotel for a short getaway weekend, which serves an excellent authentic British lunch and takes a long walk in nearby New Forest. At the end you sit wonderfully by the open fireplace and listen to the crackling of the fire.

Is there a particular fashion sensibility in Australia that has helped you find success in London and New York? A style gene from Down Under?
Our country is still quite young, so maybe that's why we Australians are more open to new things. We don't carry that much historical baggage around with us, we're not so stuck in our traditions. And although London is much older, it is also extremely keen to experiment when it comes to fashion. Young designers who want to venture into unknown territory are welcome here. I think that's why London and Australia go so well together.
The most fascinating fashion region at the moment?
Everyone is looking towards Eastern Europe, that's where it's happening!

The most daring fashion experiment you have ever dared?
Probably Jean Paul Gaultier's tattoo-print fishnet tights, many, many years ago...

Your happiness secret?
My children.

And how do you manage the balancing act between career, motherhood and wife?
For me, this is clearly the meditation!

Photos: Yasmin Sewell via Instagram