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Success Stories

Success Stories

What used to be dull is now shiny. What used to be fuzzy is now smooth. What used to have holes in it, now looks like new. Read about all the wonders ALLUDE CASHMERE CLINIC made happen. Be it your favorite sweater, cardigan or the scarf you got from your mother, we will do our best to make all the damage disappear.
Success Stories | 02.05.2016

make holes invisible


The challenge: to make those three small holes disappear, leaving the sweater looking like new. The solution: careful mending. For this specific case ALLUDE CASHMERE CLINIC chose an identic color, a melange of beige and grey in 100 % ALLUDE cashmere yarn. First step included fixing the stitches by our profesionally trained team of experts, followed by washing, steaming and leaving the sweater dry on a soft towel. Since it is important to bring the cashmere piece back into its proper shape, air-drying on the towel is followed by a treatment with our specifically designed cashmere refresher that does not only wrap the sweater into a pleasant natural scent but also adds a final touch to the mending technique.


The damage has been fixed and the cashmere favorite looks just like new. The surface is flawless and there is no more sign of the holes. The color of the yarn matches the rest of the fabric perfectly, leaving the sweater in an excellent shape and without any visible difference in the stitching pattern. Our unique cashmere repair and care program makes the impossible.